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DashBox Digital Kiosks will focus on providing customers access to downloadable digital content that includes a full range of popular music, along with selected movies, games and digital audio books.

DashBox Digital Kiosks are also designed to provide an advertising platform for other businesses desiring to reach their target audience.

Independent promotions is intended to provide the independent artist and media companies a true distribution network.

DashBox partners with companies and individuals that have prime locations such as grocery stories, retailers, fast food establishments and retail shopping centers.

How It Works

The DashBox Digital Kiosk provides consumers a way to rent or buy movies, music, and audio books without the need for an Internet connection. It also provides advertisers a platform to display interactive ads, music video, digital promotions and an option for potential customers to earn redeemable discount coupons for their products.

Click on an option below to see how DashBox can work for you:

DashBox for Consumers

1 Select a Movie/Digital Content

Search and select movies or any other digital content and click rent/purchase to add to your shopping cart.

2 Payment

Insert credit card for payment.

3 Insert USB Device

Insert USB Storage Device into DashBox Kiosk. DashBox recommends USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 is also supported) for a speedy download and a minimum of 4GB available space.

4 Insert USB into TV

Plug in USB Memory stick into TV USB port.

5 Connect (1st time users only)

Connect (1st time users only): Connect USB device with TV and select a DashBox program to view.

6 Enjoy your Movie

Find your USB drive on your TV screen and run DashBox playersetup.exe. Follow the application set up prompts and enjoy your movie.

DashBox for Advertisers

1 Select a Coupon / AD

Find and Select a desired Coupon/Ad and proceed to the next step.

2 Sign In/Register

In order to complete your coupon download, fill in the required fields on the screen. (First time users will need to register)

3 Get the free app

Download the free DashBox App from the App Store.

4 Install (1st time users)

Follow the application setup (prompts) to install the app on your device.

5 Provide coupon while shopping

provide selected coupon with the partnering store and save money on your purchase.

6 Enjoy your purchase!

Enjoy your new DashBox coupon purchase.

Create, Manage & Publish Your Media

The independent artists and media movement is extremely large and vibrant. However, promotion and distribution has largely been limited to local venue advertising, concert CD sales and internet based independent websites. Dashbox offers a true distribution network, inclusive of local digital promotion for the artist. The artist or film maker will be able to upload their music, independent film, or book directly to the DashBox kiosk for distribution. He can then promote that content on the DashBox LCD 70" adverting screens.

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Download our DashBox Mobile app for your device using one of the links below. Install the app and simlply look for the bright DashBox Kiosk Logo. It's that easy to collect the advertising Coupons and daily Deals offered by our avertising partners.

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